Paint Protection Film (a.k.a. Clear Bra)
Protective Film Solutions uses 3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection along with VentureShield and Xpel Ultimate film to protect your vehicle's paint against damage from unpaved roads, debris from construction vehicles, severe driving and weather conditions, and bug staining. Let our experts recommend the best film for your specific needs

3M Window Tint
Protective Film Solutions offers 3M automotive window tint options that keep you cool, improve your view without the glare, and reduce UV damage to both you and your vehicle interior. We specialize in the 3M Crystalline series of films.

ClearPlex® Windshield Skins
Your windshield takes a beating in competitive driving, rallies (Goldrush, Gumball, etc) and daily driving, but you can extend its life with a proprietary windshield films made of hardened acrylic. It's applied to the outside of the windshield to help prevent pitting and chips to your windshield while you're racing, tracking or just driving your car to work.

Color Change or Accent Wraps
Frustrated that everyone has the same color car as you? Irritated that your neighbor has the exact same make, model and color of your new Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Smart Car?
Don't worry, at Protective Film Solutions we can make your "baby" stand out against the rest with 3M Scotchprint 1080 series wrap films. We can change your Silver Ferrari into a matte red Ferrari in a couple of days, or we can add a carbon fiber film to your roof of your BMW to make it "POP". No matter what you want to do, your options are limitless!

Vehicle Advertising Wraps
Vehicle wraps turn your vehicles into head-turning real estate on wheels.


Create a cooler, more comfortable environment while lowering your utility bills.
Commercial Improve the look and privacy of your business with special window films that help reduce utility bills, enhance décor and promote safety. Also, update the look of your business vehicles with vehicle wraps.

Protective Film Solutions, your one-stop source for high-quality, installed protection film products, has been known since 2001 for the quality installs of its 3M-certified professionals and for its friendly customer service.

Protective Film Solutions proudly uses films manufactured by 3M, Venture & Xpel

Looking for Arizona C.A.R.S or Sunlight Solutions? Those companies have now merged into Protective Film Solutions, which offers the same products and service in two locations: Phoenix/Scottsdale and Orange County, CA.


We thought you were kidding when you told us that the Prestige 40 film would lower our A/C bills. Last year, our July A/C bill was $445 and this year our July A/C bill was $297! - Bill M.
I love, love, love my new Prestige film that was installed last week in my newly remodeled home in Paradise Valley. - Sara K.

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